Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Don't open that TIAA-CREF statement!!

Seriously. Don't open it. Even though my portfolio went up more than 7% in March, it lost value in the last quarter. All those contributions, and I LOST money. It is depressing.

To make matters worse, I am so close to passing an amount milestone. You know what I mean...think of those important milestones on the car odometer. Why that matters, I don't know, but psychologically, it does. And now I am slipping farther away from the milestone. How depressing.

The only way I comfort myself is by knowing this is a long haul kind of deal, and that with some luck, it will continue to go up as I work and contribute. Thank goodness I am not close to the end of my career.

So, throw away the statement and go to the pool. Trust me.

* I think the asterisk is meant to tell you that it isn't guaranteeing that these services will serve your personal good. Or that is how I read it now. : - (

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JF said...

Shit. I hadn't read your post and I just opened mine. And I was depressed. Maybe I should head to the pool now anyway.