Thursday, July 22, 2010

The best paid laid plans

My gf came up to me in the closet as I was putting away laundry and posed the following riddle:

How do you know that Lesboprof is officially on sabbatical?


Check the bill for the Kindle.

Yes, sports fans, last month's bill was for no less than $163, which was the cost of the **28 books** I ordered between the middle of June and the middle of July. Um, yeah. And I have to admit that none of them are books for scholarship--those I got from the library. No, instead, I have ventured into what they politely call "urban fantasy," or what I prefer to think of as kickass, sexy women who happen to be witches, shapeshifters, warewolves, vampires, and other fantastical beings. (Well, that and the new book, Denial, by terrorism scholar Jessica Stern, which I highly recommend. Be prepared that the book centers on the discussion of sexual assault and torture as experienced by Stern and others. It is a compelling story and an amazingly thoughtful reflection on the ways that violence, and denial of its effects, shape our lives.)

As for the sheer number of books, I can explain that. I have found that when I start some new urban fantasy series, many of which have 6-9 books in the series, I can buzz through 6-8 books in a week or so. And the fact that Amazon has my credit info means that I don't have to acknowledge the real cost until the bill arrives.

It is kind of hard to believe that during that same time as I was ordering and reading these books, I taught an intensive summer class, which was a new prep, no less. Well, I guess I know why my writing isn't progressing yet! And, unbeknownst to the gf, I have three new Kindle releases being delivered (and charged) next Tuesday. All of these books are part of larger series I have already read. The good news is that they are an easy and fun read.

No worries, though. I have a plan that gives me until August 1st to get my butt in gear. Any major writing that begins before that date is a bonus. I did start to review research materials and do some outlining today, which is good.

So, unless fate intervenes, I have a plan that includes 5 products (4 completed articles and a draft of a teaching case) in 5 months (August 1-January 1). And I will learn to play guitar, do several public speaking gigs, move forward on a research project, and travel a little. And, of course, do a little blogging in my spare time. Ambitious, to be sure, yet fun.

I will let you know how it goes! :-)

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nicoleormaggie said...

Waaah. My sabbatical ends August 1st. I remember how wonderful it was this time *LAST* year.