Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, to be out, queer, and Jewish

Just a quick note to tell you about a great resource: a poster series of LGBT Heroes available to you right now! The first set of posters and web info, part of the "Here I am" project from Keshet, include Harvey Milk, Leslea Newman, and Kate Bornstein. Who can help but want that collection for your walls?

The website also include biographical info and lots of pictures of the subjects throughout their lives. Bornstein is almost iconic these days, thanks to the publication of Gender Outlaw and Kate's many appearances at campuses around the country. Newman is one of my favorite writers. She is known best for Heather has two mommies and Letters to Harvey Milk.

And speaking of Harvey Milk, it makes me feel good just to see his smiling face. He was a voice for hope and openness, for reaching across and bridging our differences, and working for change in our communities.

I went online and suggested some more Jewish LGBT leaders for remembrance, including Harvey Fierstein, Frank Kameny, Roberta Achtenberg, and Leslie Feinberg. Feel free to go online and suggest some more. There are so many more Jewish queers than we can possibly recognize with these posters.