Monday, February 09, 2009


I just finished some marathon fun reading. Fiction, real trashy fiction, that I read nonstop for almost 2 whole days. (Kudos to the gf for not getting angry at being ignored.)
Yes, I should have been writing.

Yes, I might have gotten some incredible work done during that time.

Instead, I read 4.5 trashy novels and basically spent 2 days in various positions of repose. And it was glorious. (I still have to finish book 5, but work intrudes. Sigh.) I started with the first 2 books in a series on Friday night and Saturday, and then left on mid-day on Saturday to pick up the last 3 books. They were recommended by a co-worker, and I have enjoyed them thoroughly.

I won't tell you which trashy novels I read (Borders classifies them as horror, but I would say they seem a lot like crime novels with supernatural characters). But I will say that a NYTimes book reviewer wrote that s/he wanted to read bad novels, not just good novels, and mine were some of the bad ones listed. ;-)

I used to read a lot for fun. I read like I write, for the most part-- in long, uninterrupted bursts. None of this "1 chapter a night" for me. I want to get through the whole damn book. I don't want to lose the frame of mind as the reader and have to try to recapture it again. When I go on vacation, I can read for days. And I actually didn't read my blogs, or the news websites, or even really look at my email. I just focused on the books.

Hope your weekend was fun, as well. And now I head back to the daily grind...

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