Friday, April 23, 2010

Lounging in overpriced dress

I know it was a crazy buy, but I may wear this dress all spring and summer--not to work, but certainly at home.

It is cotton knit, breathes well, and makes me feel like I should be sipping a mohito at the beach.

I do believe I am ready for the end of the semester. Seriously.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

That looks so fucking comfortable. It is totally unfair that dudes are not allowed to dress like that.

Lesboprof said...

Break the mold, Comrade. If a big, old dyke can wear it, why not a dude? Hell, if you are in your own house, who's to know?

And, yes, after wearing it all weekend, I can attest that it is totally comfortable.

sherishu said...

will you at least wear it to work once a week? it's adorable!