Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend protest plans

Where will you be on Saturday, November 15th?

I will be in my nearby city protesting.

What will I be protesting? California's Proposition 8 and all that it represents. It isn't just about same-sex marriage rights (or rites)... It is about calling out people's rejection of LGBT people, the oppressions we have to fight, and the idea that you can say you love us individually and vote against us as a group. We are your family members, your teachers, your students, your friends, your neighbors, your partners in faith, your elected officials, and your compatriots. We deserve fairness and respect.

What won't I be doing? Blaming any one group for the vote. Not pointing out the many linkages between kinds and types of systemic oppression. Not speaking out for justice for everyone, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and equal rights.

I haven't decided on a sign yet, but I plan to make one that speaks to the intersection of concerns: separation of church and state and the need for equality for everyone. The gf is probably going with me, even though we have a bit of a drive and the weather should be horrible.

I say this to encourage you to go to your local can make a difference. The people, united, can never be defeated.

UPDATE: My local protest was well attended, heartening, and great fun. Favorite sign: God hates cotton-polyester blends.


susansinclair said...

Thank you for pointing out the whole blame problem. Regardless of any effort to make it sound like careful analysis, folks end up sounding like whiners at best and overt racists at worst.

But why--WHY--would She hate cotton-poly? Because if I have to give up that touch of Lycra, I'm going all-out atheist.

The AstroDyke said...

susansinclair: Leviticus clearly explains God's hatred of mixed-fiber fabrics. No kidding, it's an "abomination", same as gay sex.