Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What I should be doing...

I went to the polls before work with the gf, where we were relieved to see very small lines. We waited until after 9am, when the pre-work rush had waned.

Our polling place was lively, but not too crowded. I live in a state with advance voting and absentee voting, so many folks had already voted. We thanked the poll workers and made our way through the ballot. We walked out together, high fived, and then kissed goodbye in the elementary school parking lot (there's some education for you, kiddos!)... It was a nice way to spend the morning.

I got in to work, changed into my Obama shirt (disallowed in our polling places), and set to "work." Okay, I filled out paperwork for reimbursement for conference travel, answered emails, and prepped for advising meetings later today.

This is our last week of advising for majors and intended majors. I am glad it is almost over, because I am ready to use my office time for something more productive. But, of course, now that I have a free moment, I am blogging, so I can't guarantee that would happen. :-)

Ah, well.

Tonight I plan to get my politico freak on and gather with the gf and other friends at a beautiful house with wireless internet, major snackage, and some fine wine, to follow all of the interesting races. We plan to set up the board, keep up with all of our statewide and national races, and monitor the anti-gay ballot measures in Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and California.

Here's hoping it is a great night all around! Go OBAMA!!!!!

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