Monday, March 03, 2008

Simple pleasures

Life on vacation is just fantastic. We arrived to find a great condo with a big living room, full kitchen, separate bedroom, and a patio with a view of the ocean. The water is so blue, you know immediately you are looking at the gulf.

We spent yesterday reading and sipping drinks in beach chairs and then sampling some of the local cuisine.

We agreed to not check our email, and we have kept our word. We have been online checking the news and watching the storms ravaging the country (everyone who doesn't have a tornado/severe storm/snow and ice warning, raise your hand?)...

Today was a **very challenging** day. Three hours of spa time, including a facial, massage, and pedicure (mine are the red toes (and sunburned pink foot); the gf got "black cherry chutney"). I am sure I have been this relaxed...sometime, though I cannot recall when.

One more day of being off email...which is proving to be challenging to me, if not the gf. And my conference starts Wednesday night. Until then, I will be reading the biography of Audre Lorde and enjoying the storm outside.


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