Friday, November 30, 2007

How long can you live in denial?

I have entered a new phase: denial for academics...

Grading? Well, I can get to that sometime this weekend. That big report folks are waiting on? Yeah, soon enough that will happen, perhaps once school has ended. Prepping class for next semester? You know, there is more than a week after school ends before I leave for the holiday break; I can surely work on it then with all my concentrated free time. And of course I will have time when I return from the holidays before class starts. Of course, I also have to prep the job talk for early January, but that won't take too much time, will it? And then there is that national conference travel...

My denial is not limited only to my writing and teaching, it extends to my department as well. Yes, some of my colleagues are acting out and causing me to feel quite disillusioned, but that was last night's angst. And I am still ignoring the nagging guilt of not telling my colleagues I have applied for another job and have a campus interview scheduled. No, tonight, life is fine.

Ah, tonight I watch movies ("Running with Scissors"--funny, but depressing in an "Ordinary People" kind of way) and bad TV, eat chocolate and pizza, and pretend there is no tomorrow. And pray that the end of the semester comes quickly...

...but not so quickly that I don't get the work done!


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I think it's possible to live like that for years. Indeed, many of us do. I really could relate to this post. You're making me think that there needs to be a time limit on my "lost" Saturday morning (and I've only been up for 20 min, but perhaps I should lounge until only 11:30 and then dive in).

Good luck with juggling it all!

Sisyphus said...

What a cute picture! I didn't know you were a bear!

Oso Raro said...

How long can one live in denial? One's entire life, if one works hard enough at it.

Winter break is coming, hang in there!

Irie said...

I collected an assignment two weeks ago and I've graded about half. It only takes a few minutes to grade each one, but I swear it's sucking the life out of me.

Lesboprof said...

Happy to say I got the grading done and the small report sent out. The journal reviews, course prep, and big report are on my list for next week.

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