Thursday, November 01, 2007

Home again

Glad to be home again, that is for sure! The informal interview with Wooing School was certainly that--we had trouble finding a space to talk that wasn't incredibly loud and surrounded by lots of people. We eventually settled in a corner and had a nice chat. The woman who interviewed me indicated that they will bring me to campus for an interview, but probably not for several months. So, I am resigning myself to a longer process and staying open to where it might lead.

That said, I came home very pleased to be a part of my current program. The candidates we interviewed for our positions were very strong, and the committee seems to be on the same page about our preferences. (We meet soon to hash out who to bring to campus.) I also remain impressed with my Dean, who is very thoughtful and generous.

So, now I jump back into the daily grind, pleased to know that the semester is more than halfway over and the holidays are coming soon! (Isn't it great to work in a system where life is structured by semesters? It just helps break up the passage of time and makes it seem more manageable.)

While tired and a little rundown from the conference travel, I am feeling very grateful that I am in a good school with smart and engaging colleagues, happily partnered, and doing work that I enjoy (most days). The future will unfold as it does, and my partner and I have agreed that even if they make me an offer, I don't have to take it unless I feel confident that it is a good move for both of us.

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Anonymous said...

hey lesboprof -- it's great to read such a positive blog. most of the academic blogosphere seems bitter and miserable.