Thursday, September 23, 2010

Current excuses for not working on the articles

  1. The book on the Kindle is calling to me, and if I hurry and finish it, I can then concentrate on writing.
  2. I needed to get the tenure review finished and out the door, so it won't stress me.
  3. I am preoccupied with my future in the profession and what my next job could be.
  4. I would rather prepare for my upcoming conferences, even though they are weeks away.
  5. I can't seem to decide which of the many articles I need to write should be my first.
  6. There is more literature I need to read on the topic(s).
  7. I am on sabbatical. Shouldn't I just enjoy the time a little?
  8. Oh, my god. I am not writing! And my sabbatical is slipping away! I am a total loser.
  9. I should call my friends and get them to help me think this through.
  10. Maybe I should just blog about this.
  11. Oh, look, it is time to end my workday.

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