Monday, July 26, 2010

Monkey on YOUR back Monday

Okay, I am setting a new precedent: Monkey on YOUR back Mondays. Yes, every Monday I am going to write people who I need to do things for me or who are waiting on things from me so they can progress in their work.

Mondays will be the day I take the monkey off my back and place it on to someone else's. Doesn't that make "answer all my email," ""move that draft on to the next person," and "ask that question I needed to ask" sound much better? Same tasks, different perspective.

Unfortunately, the gf has already learned this trick and came bearing monkeys to share this morning. Rather than affect the stance of the monkey above, I went for a different tact. We decided to put them in a nice cage in the living room, let them watch some reality TV, and decide which of us will take them on as time permits (or dictates).

So, summer is drawing to an end and the real beginning of sabbatical is starting. Another new game I have picked up now is the false plan/deadline game. Set the start date late... then if you start early, you are an overachiever!! Set your finish date late, and if you finish early, you are a SUPERSTAR! And if you finish on time, you are still pretty awesome. (I call this the Pizza Delivery approach; tell them you can deliver in 45 minutes, and when you get there in 20, you are a GOD!)

This and more lessons in future posts... right after I finish this kindle book!

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