Thursday, January 01, 2009

How the Jews handle the holidays?

By shopping after the Christmas rush is over! I don't mean to feed into a stereotype (i.e., Jews are cheap). Honestly, there are plenty of goyim hitting those post-holiday sales. But we decided to forego "gifts" and just go shopping for things we needed once the holidays were done.

On top of the necessary purchases (new longjohns, gloves, and a recycling center for the kitchen), we have both been thinking about 1 larger "gifty" purchase. I have been contemplating getting a Kindle. Obviously, there is a waiting list, and there are rumors of a 2.0 version in the offing. Any advice, pro or con?

My recommendations to you? Go see Milk and Frost/Nixon. Now. They are amazing.

Otherwise, I plan to go see a couple more movies, enjoy the shopping, and get started on the list of tasks that are cluttering up my Outlook task list.

Happy New Years, everyone!

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undine said...

No advice, but let us all know how you like the Kindle, if you get one.