Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall break for administrators

Yes, it is that time again. The leaves are changing, the weather is beautiful, and the university has set aside several days for Fall Break.

Just so you know... fall break is for pussies weenies regular faculty. Those of us who are faculty-administrators have to come to campus and attend meetings on these days. (Not that I am bitter, or anything...)

So, here is what I suggest for administrators who have to go to the office over fall break...

Enjoy the hours of email-free, phone-free silence as the students and faculty are off vacationing.

Between responding to emails and writing some administrative documents, read some blogs and write a couple comments.

Plan a required meeting at a VERY nice restaurant. Make it a long, fun meeting with people you actually like.

End your day with a massage.

Bring in a surprise for the staff...a spread of bagels and cream cheese, some brownies, or a pizza party. Or spring for a massage therapist to come and do chair massages! (Share the massage wealth!)

Sneak out early and see a movie matinee. If you are in a college town like me, the theater will be pretty empty.

Even if you do not get as much work done as you could, you will still feel like an idiot superior virtuous for going to campus and doing some work.

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Dean Dad said...

"Fall break"?

What is this term you use?