Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just plain odd and nerdy

I am Lesboprof, and I am a nerd.

How do I know?

Examples to follow:

A. Upon reviewing applicant CVs, I saw an article title that looked interesting. I went to find it online and read it. Just because.

B. I just went from watching Semper Fi, the documentary of a gay marine in Iraq, to Dirty Dancing. Makes sense, no? Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

C. One of my young extended family members blocked me on Facebook, so I made up another name and went back on to see her new pic. I'm not a stalker, I just hate being blocked.

And this was just today. I am sure examples will multiply over the week.

What are your current examples of your nerd-dom?


DrGunPowderPlot said...

On a recent vacation, my husband and I had an argument (not a debate; I was actually mad) about Freud, and both of us are in the humanities.

We are nerds.

Irie said...

My husband and I had a "date" to see the 25th anniversary edition of War Games at the local movie theater.

I look forward all year to teaching the Enlightenment to 8th graders.

When I was young I would read encyclopedias for fun.

Lesboprof said...

I love these examples! More, more!

Pshrink Rapper said...

OK. I don't know if this qualifies as nerdy, but here goes: I just spent almost 30 minutes trying to find DrGunpowderPlot's blog because I was intrigued by her name... and I'm totally frustrated that all I can find are anonymous comments she posts on other people's blogs. However, in the process, I did find and fall in love with Tenured Radical, and that pleases me very much.

So. Am I a nerd? or not?

Lesboprof said...

I would say that investigating blogger IDs is definitely nerdy, though only the best nerds fall in love with Tenured Radical! She is one of my favorite bloggers as well!

Anonymous said...

What is nerdy, exactly, about violating a family member's clear desire for privacy?

Lesboprof said...

Anon (17.9.08): I think you are nerdy when you choose to use the computer and Facebook to invade their privacy, rather than just calling them or other family members to gossip.