Thursday, August 28, 2008

The American President (*to be)

Well, Obama is going for it. He is taking on McCain and the Republican Party. And I think the crowd is digging it, as am I.

But am I the only one who keeps thinking I might hear "My name is Andrew Shepard, and I AM the President."


Loaf said...

Well, I've been thinking of Aaron Sorkin's presidents in general. I keep telling my partner that she has to watch "West Wing" with me.

-Loaf (a lurker and also a Lesboprof)

Lesboprof said...

Hello, Loaf! Glad to hear about another one of us out there--and nice to know I have anyone lurking about!

I have been wanting to own that cool West Wing collection forever. I loved West Wing. Tell the partner I strongly support a weekend of West Wing watching! :-)

The Adjunct Professor said...

It is funny you mention Andrew Shepard. When I was listening to Obama's speech (and I give it high marks), I felt in large part it was a combination of Andrew Shepard ("This is the time for serious answers," or something similar which was in the movie and in his speech) and MLK with repeating the phrase, "Now is the time".