Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No place like home...

Well, I have just arrived home after a long trip, or series of trips, away. To put it simply, the flying sucked. Our outgoing flight ran late, so late that we would miss our connection, so we paid for parking, went home, and planned to fly out the next day. We got a direct flight that day to City B and made it where we were going.

A few days later, I then had to fly to another destination for a conference presentation, which went off fairly well, only to leave again the next evening to return to City B. The quick flights were worth it though, because I got to celebrate my niece's high school graduation.

The flight disasters began again when we woke up in City A (which is where the first leg of our flight was supposed to take us before we transferred to a second plane to get us home). We called the airline to see if we could skip the first leg of our trip and just jump on the second leg. They were happy to accomodate us, if we wanted to pay a small fortune for the privilege. We declined and drove 3 hours to City B to get to the other airport.

It turns out that the plane for the first leg was delayed, and we missed the connection by minutes. So, we spent the night (again) in City A, this time at a seedy Econolodge with a room that seemed constantly damp. (Ew.) At least they had free wifi, and bagels for breakfast. We woke the next day and hopped on a mid-day plane, getting to our nearby city airport just in time for the gf to make an important work meeting. We got home several hours later.

To add to all this flying fun, I dropped my computer on my first day away and messed up my wireless connection, so I have been unable to access the internet from my own computer for almost a week. Luckily, my new phone has a data plan, so I looked at and responded to important emails on my phone. It was nowhere near as good as my computer, but it served its purpose.
All that to say...

And now back to your regular programming...


Doctor Disillusioned of the UNIVERSITY OF MARS. said...

Do you have the same problem with baggage handlers destroying your baggage in the USA that we have in the UK?

Do they actually take a sledge hammer to the wheels of my suitcases for sport? I’ve had 3 destroyed in the past 3 years.

I think some airports are worse than others. Every time I use Birmingham International in the UK - either my own or my travelling partner’s case gets wrecked by the baggage handlers - I wonder why?

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