Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh My!

The Justice Department's inspector general is looking into whether [former US Assistant Attorney Leslie] Hagen was dismissed after a rumor reached [Gonzalez assistant and civil service rule-breaker Monica] Goodling that Hagen is a lesbian.

As one Republican source put it, "To some people, that's even worse
than being a Democrat."

Guess I am just a two-fer... lesbian AND Democrat.

You know, it is sad that young people today won't go into public service. I can't imagine why. Can you?

The legacy of Alberto Gonzales, and the President who blindly supported him, will live on for a very long time. I am just hoping that President Obama can make some changes that will improve civil service and reform and revive governmental institutions, policies, and procedures. There is much work to do to repair the damage, and even more work to make improvements.

Be sure to check out the full story about Hagen on NPR.

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