Saturday, September 08, 2007

Watchin bad movies

I had a stressful day, full of boring meetings, conflict with colleagues, and a missed appointment. It left me in need of a night with the gf: a Mohito at a new restaurant, my second viewing of the Bourne Ultimatum, and a couchbound night watching the Mo'Nique comedy special, "I coulda been your cellmate" (which was muthafuckin' awesome!)...

In fact, if you get a chance to see the special on Showtime, I would recommend it. She speaks to the personhood of the women in the prison where she is performing in a way that is moving and calls for something better in all of us--all while being absolutely hilarious! The girl is wide open!

Okay, that is the normal part. Now I have to come clean and admit that I stayed up and watched some good/bad movies once the gf had gone to bed.

In a shout out to Profgrrrl who has her 80s teen movie moments, I have to admit to watching "Save the Last Dance" yet again. I mean, Sean Patrick Thomas and Julia Stiles... damn. While Thomas is in my age range, Stiles is far too young for the Lesboprof, but I am sure I could handle either one if I had to. :-)

I will proudly say that I do not actually try to do any of her dances, though I definitely know them by heart. (I actually made the mistake of watching "Save the Last Dance 2" the other night; that was just terrible!)

This love fest was followed by "Say Anything"... Nothing better than Lloyd Dobbler (Cusack) in all his sweet, quirky weirdness. And the first time they have sex is just incredibly touching (no pun intentional), and the disclosure to the father the next morning is priceless.
Diane: "But I didn't want any problems. So, I decided not to sleep with him..."
Father smiles approvingly.
Diane: "But then I attacked him anyway." (Father looks less happy.)
Diane: (smiling) "It always feels good to tell you the truth, because if I can't share it with you, it is almost like it didn't happen."

If someone had only shown "Love and Basketball," my adolescent love movie fest would have been complete. Their lifelong friendship, romance, and relationship is such a great model for love. Nothing beats that final ball game where she is "playing for his heart." I am such a sap. And Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan are both incredibly hot. Sigh.

How do you decompress?


Lesboprof said...

Okay, and still awake, I am watching Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Laura San Giacomo is just outstanding (and hot), as is James Spader.

misscripchick said...

sigh... i'm so embarrassed, i watched save the last dance 2 the other night too. (shh, you can't tell anyone..) damn mtv. damn sequels.

Irie said...

Have you watched "Brown Sugar"? Another movie of lifelong friends realizing that they could be more. Taye Diggs... damn.

Lesboprof said...

I am SO with you on Taye Diggs.

dierdre joy whisky or sumthen said...

Shrugs into that Prof!