Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sadness on a good night

Well, I came home from my birthday celebration (which was great fun) to find out the bad news... I just can't believe Molly Ivins is dead.

I have been reading her essays and watching her on TV for so very long. She was the kind of writer whose wry wit and political wisdom made her a unique voice, appealing to a younger feminist like me. I had always hoped to meet her in person some day.

I had heard she was sick, but I didn't understand how grave her condition was. To lose Ann Richards and Molly Ivins so soon after one another is just sad and cosmically unfair. Two good, Southern, strong, outspoken, progressive women...gone. As an adopted daughter of the South, and a longtime lover of strong Southern women, I am deeply saddened by these losses. We are better for having had their challenging voices, certainly, but their losses leave a deafening silence.


sherishu said...

Hey friend

First of all, happy birthday. I thought about sending you a card or was a good thought... ; )

Second, ditto about Molly Ivins. My only smile in that is imagining my cousin Holly (another loudmouthed progressive Texas woman) having another likeminded soul besides Ann Richards to sit around and dish with. I don't know that there really is a heaven kind of place, but it's a nice image anyway.

Tenured Radical said...

I realize that this is too much to ask, but I always wanted Ann Richards and Molly Ivins to be lovers.